Web 2.0 ready

Professional events system offers integration with the most popular web based services: Google Maps, Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Meebo, Imeem and Google calendar, thus allowing you to be up to date with the newest tools of the trade.

Customizable look and feel

Using a combination of placeholders (for various event information areas), themes and designs you can style up your event layouts with simple drag and drop actions. Just imagine that you can create a layout exactly how you like it without having to edit PHP or HTML files. Need a little bit more ?Allows you to use HTML and CSS for each theme component.

Category oriented organization of events

Your event listings do not have to crowded. The system offers event categorization and sub-categorization. It will even allow you to assign a event to multiple categories, ensuring that your visitors can quickly find the desired events.

Event subscriptions

Free or payed, the Professional Events System does offer the tools to allow event subscriptions. You can set up various number of ticket types, coupons, allow overbooking and of course, online payments via PayPal, 2CO and Authorize. If you do not need to store subscriber information, you can allow guest visitors to register to your events without having the need to create an account (automated or not). Different events might require different subscription forms. Not a problem - system integrates perfectly with Professional Forms to allow you to create your own custom forms.

Community oriented

If you alredy have a site community and require a event management component that will integrate with the community application, then you should know that Professional Events System integrates with our Social Networking Platform, thus making your site act as whole and not offer fragment services that can't collaborate with each other.

Invitations and notifications

If you stumble upon an event you can easily share it over social media networks such as Twitter for example or send out specific invitations to your friends. Contacts can be easily imported from your Gmail or Yahoo contact list. As notification emails, the system incorporates registration, activation, unsubscribe, reminder and post reminder options.