If you are looking for an extension that will put ads on your site, look no further! The Professional Advertising Agency System is a Banner/Ads Extension designed to help publishers earn revenue by placing ads on their websites. It puts the advertising power in the website owner's hands, where it belongs! YOU control the price of the ads you want on your site, the ad packages you want to offer (CPM, CPC, or flat rate), the size of the ads (125x125, 300x250, 728x90, 468x60, text ads and more!), and who can advertise on your site!

Ad Agency was created specifically for the websites we support. It works right out of the box and supports all standard ad types and ANY AD SIZE at all. With Ad Agency, you can have:


  1. Start making money from your traffic today!
  2. Completely automatic and totally hassle-free.
  3. Complete flexibility over placement, campaign type and ad strategies.
  4. You control everything!

With Ad Agency you can:

  1. Manage advertisers
  2. Accept payments in real time
  3. Upload many types of ads (banners, Flash, text, code, pop ups/pop unders, floating and transition).
  4. Create packages
  5. Build campaigns
  6. View real-time reports

you can place:

  1. Unlimited ads/banners
  2. Unlimited ad zones
  3. Unlimited advertisers
  4. Unlimited campaigns
  5. Unlimited packages
  6. And receive real-time reports from all your advertisers.

You can even easily style your ads with CSS borders and colors in the Ad Agency backend. Your ads will match your site perfectly. It's simple to set up yet powerful enough to run on the biggest websites.

And Ad Agency is Search Engine Friendly--it works perfectly with one of our premium SEO-friendly templates.

Ad Agency is quickly becoming THE ad rotation component to have on your website. Thousands of websites, big & small, are using Ad Agency right now to monetize their websites.Wouldn't you like to make more money with your own website? Then you NEED Ad Agency!


With Ad Agency, advertisers can register online and admin can add advertisers through the backend. Advertisers have access to special pages on your site that allow them to:

  1. Register online
  2. Add/edit/delete/preview ads
  3. Buy packages
  4. Create/edit/pause campaigns
  5. View campaign status (clicks, impressions, time remaining)
  6. View reports and stats in real time
  7. View previous orders

Tip: The closer the ad matches the content of your website, the better the results and the more money you'll earn. It pays to choose your advertisers carefully.

Approved advertisers have enough freedom to manage their advertising profile while still leaving you with complete control over your site.

Only admin can:

  1. Choose which zone will display the ad, ensuring that ads are the right size and won't break the template.
  2. Choose the size of pop ups and floating ads
  3. Select a border, alignment and background
  4. Decide how many ads will be displayed in each zone

Adding an advertiser on the  backend

Auto Approvals - New!

  • The Auto Approvals feature allows you to set up auto approvals for
    1. Advertisers
    2. Ads
    3. Campaigns

You can set the auto approvals globally for all advertisers or specifically for each advertiser. 

Registration Wizard - New!

Allow advertisers to join, add banners and add campaigns all in one session. This makes the advertiser experience a lot smoother, which means - better conversion rate for you!

Registration Control - New!

Control which fields to show on the registration page.

Control which fields are mandatory. 

Unapproved Advertisers Allowed Actions- New!

Choose to allow unapproved advertisers to

  1. Add ads/banners
  2. Start a campaign/buy package

Payment Methods Plugins

You want to start making money now, right? Payment methods such as Paypal and 2Checkout let you do just that. The Paypal plugin is included free in the package! All you need is a Paypal account and you can started collecting payment from advertisers now.

Manage your payment plugins in the plugin manager:

  1. You can add new payment plugins
  2. Set the default payment method
  3. Publish/un-publish payment method
  4. Uninstall payment plugins

You get FREE:

  1. Paypal payment plugin
  2. 2CO payment plugin