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This means that we can totally unleash the power of JomsocialTM  in your new or existing website.
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  • Jomsocial Setup: We provide setting up services including installation and configuration
  • Jomsocial Support: We provide supporting services on 24/7 base
  • Jomsocial customization: We make unique designs for your jomsocial community, and for the whole joomla based website
  • Jomsocial infastructure: Our hosting servers are optimized for jomsocial and joomla extensions. By providing prime hosting services, we ensure that your community is always up and running (real fast)


Ok, i want more information...

You don't know JomSocial? No problem. Here is a fast introduction:


Photo rotation

Upload with ease

Photos taken by digital camera and mobile phones (yes, that includes iPhone) usually have orientation metadata. JomSocial recognizes this and auto-rotates the photos according to its original orientation. So, don't worry, your feet will always be on the ground.

Organize IconOrganize

Organize your photos!

Uploaded photo can be arranged to your liking. How? Just drag and drop into the correct order and you are done. After that, don't forget to choose the best photo to be the album cover. Yes, JomSocial social networking scripts are that powerful.

Organize IconUpload Photos With Ease

Upload with ease

The fun begins when you start to upload your photos. Our clean and fast photo uploader helps you to easily upload a bunch of photos at once. It automatically queue up the photos and upload them one by one. Your server will thank us for that. Uploaded photos will be shown up as thumbnails so you can easily check if you've missed any photo.




Organize IconView and CommentUpload with ease

Viewing photos on JomSocial is a pleasant experience, even when your Internet connection is slow. Thanks to AJAXified photo viewer, the next photo will be displayed without page reload. This will save bandwidth, use less server resource and it is much faster. You can tag your friends, wait for your friends to comment and reply to their comments.


Share videos with your friends!Share it, elegantly

Video Linking

JomSocial social networking software supports external video linking. Be it video from Youtube, Vimeo or 10 other major video providers, your video will be always elegantly embedded on JomSocial pages, complete with viewing stats, thumbnail and commenting system. You can also feature those cool videos linked by your members.

Upload it!Upload Videos with ease

Upload Video!

Supporting video upload might not be everyone's cup of tea. It requires more powerful server, some initial setup and a lot of bandwidth. However, if you need it, we've done everything on our site to make it easy for you. Also, Amazon S3 service is supported by JomSocial to take the offload your server and saving you a lot of bandwidth cost.

Tell The World!Tell the world

Share videos with your friends!

Stumbled upon amazing street dance or that funny sneezing panda video? Let your friends in Facebook or twitter know by using our sharing tool. JomSocial supports more than 20 social bookmarking sites.

Keep it safeKeep it safe

Video Security

Video and other pages in JomSocial are equipped with a reporting tool. Your members can report any offending video or photo. You can check the report page on the backend and take necessary steps to make sure your site is clean and safe

Organize IconPublic and Private

Public and Private

JomSocial social networking scripts can make your group into public or private; it can be fun either way. Public group can be joined by any site members so this is perfect if you want to create a fan club of yourself. If you would like to create a secret society and plan a world take over, private group is what you are looking for. It allows you to hand pick your members.

Organize IconPhotos, Videos and Group Event

Public and Private

Each group can have their own Photo and Video gallery. You can share the media with your group members. In 2.0 we Groups more flexible by letting users to create an event for their groups. Now it is even easier to create a meet up, specifically for your favorite bunch.

Organize IconWall Post and Discussion

Public and Private

Wall post is a general message board while discussion board is more to topic-specified discussion. These are the essential tools to keep your group active. Our social networking scripts get you covered on this.

Organize IconRepublic of Power

Public and Private

As an admin, you hold the power and responsibility to moderate all contents in your group. You can promote additional admins to help you with this great task. As an option, admins can be set to receive notification of new content or new join request.

Descriptive Activities

JomSocial - Aggregated Activities

Whether it's a gorgeous photo or a funny reply, you will get a sneak peak of it. Current version of activity stream will tell you more about new comments, videos, photos or discussions posted so you can check the interesting ones or ignore rest.

JomSocial User Point SystemUser Points System

JomSocial User Point System

One great way to encourage members' participation is to reward them with points. JomSocial user points system allow you to reward points to user activities, the more activities the user, the more points are being rewarded. Wait, there is more, the points system can easily customized and integrated with third party plug-ins.

Invite Friends SystemGlobal Invite System

Invite Friends System

Invite your friends with newly revamped JomSocial's Invite System. It is more interactive and goes very easy on the eye. It also includes comprehensive API which allows 3rd party developers to easily integrate invitations into their own application. This is a good way to get more members participating into your brand new JomSocial community.

Seat AllocationPrivacy

Control Your Privacy

We know how certain information is sensitive to you and you may not want to share those information with the public. JomSocial understands this and offers the feature to hide information about you that you don’t want the public to know.

Seat AllocationSeat Allocation

Seat Allocation

A meeting at Starbucks won't go well with 40 people coming along. And a backyard party with 2 friends won't be a lot of fun. Easily expect or limit how many people should come to your event with our powerful social networking software.

Seat AllocationPrivate & Public Events

Event Privacy

Not all events are created equally. We give you an absolute control on your event. Is it private or open to all? Allow guests to invite their friends? How many seats are there? It is all up to you.

Seat AllocationGoogle Maps

Google Maps

Just enter the address and Google will automatically find the map and display it. Need a hardcopy? Print your events beautifully with the built-in 'Print event' feature. You will never get lost.

Seat AllocationKeep Everyone Updated

Keep everyone updated

Venue changed? Again? Don't worry, with our built-in email notification, you can keep all the participants up to date with all the changes. Plus, they can give suggestions through the event's wall.

Seat AllocationInvite Others

Invite Friends

Invite a few or a whole bunch of your friends. They in turn will respond with RSVP system. Now you will always know how many pizzas to order.

Multiple ProfileMultiple Profile Types

Multiple Profile Types

This is one of the major features that is included in JomSocial 2.0. Users can now select their profile types which are predefined by admin on the back end. As a site administrator, you can also restrict group creations by different profile types.

Use it in many waysProfile thumbnail cropping

Profile thumbnail cropping

You can now upload a full size photo for your profile picture and crop the interesting part for its thumbnail.

Collect The DataCollect the data

JomSocial Profile Data Collection

JomSocial makes it easy for you to collect relevant data from your users. From the common profile such as High School and Hometown, you can ask users something more relevant to your site. Let's say you have a console gaming site. You can easily create custom questions that will collect useful information like console brand, favorite games and so on. Creating social networking sites has never been easier.

TwitterTweeting Tweeps

JomSocial integtrates with Twitter

Now every member can take twitter inside JomSocial. With Twitter App for JomSocial, you can post your status update in JomSocial to Twitter, retrieve your Twitter timeline on your profile page and if the number is not embarrassing, you can show how many followers that you have.

FacebookFacebook Connect

JomSocial integtrates with Facebook

To make the registration process hassle-free, we've included our new Facebook-Connect login-module in our open source social networking software, so your members can log-in to your JomSocial-powered community using their Facebook account credentials. Adding this to your community site can improve signup rates immediately.

Profile pics, status updates & more are "pulled" in safely and securely from Facebook, making it easy for new and existing users to sign up and stay logged into your community.

MyBlogMyBlog Integration

JomSocial integrates with MyBlog

Blogs are a good way to keep new visitors coming back to your site for more! And in JomSocial, your members can have their very own blogs, post entries directly from their profile pages, and share those blog posts with friends via the JomSocial integration. (*MyBlog 3.0, a separate purchase, must first be installed on your server).

Additionally, your members' blog posts will now show up in your community's Activity Stream; JomSocial Avatar support is included, and each member can accumulate "user points" with every blog post they make.