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Café Restaurant Web Design- Pure Eats

Pure Eats, is a local healthy restaurant and cafe, based next to La Guardia airport, in Astoria, Queens. The restaurant provides many food options to the local community, targeting a healthier lifestyle. The business menu was designed to provide whole food choices that increase wellness. Their motto is "Eat Pure, Live Pure, Be Pure!".

The Challenge

The business needed a clean web presence that will showcase the products and the simplicity of the place, targeting the younger local audiences and the traffic from the nearby airport (La Guardia). At the same time, we had to preserve the strict requirements for the search engines, the server-side restrictions, and of course the user experience from a mobile device/slow connection.

Once those challenges were overcome, we needed to make sure that we continued to optimize the website for search results, using efficient and effective technologies that we're utilizing our data-center servers on-the-fly.


Pure Eats
Pure Eats


  • Custom Forms
  • Multimedia Gallery
  • Product Presentation
  • Custom Social Media Feed
  • Online Ordering
  • Google Structured Data
  • RS Firewall - Security
  • Click to Call Buttons


The website pops up on all the local searches when comes to product search. In a few weeks after the launch, all the search engines, including Google Search, Alexa search, Siri, Cortana, and Android voice search, ranked and indexed the website very high. 


  • Local SEO
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Young Audiences


New Framework
Digital Marketing
Metrics & Analytics
Cyber Security