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Life Safety


Life Safety System Company Website


  • Create a new website that will offer new and returning customers a complete visual showcase of the business and its services.
  • Improve upon and expand brand distinctiveness with specific content focused on the growth and solutions they provide.
  • Establish a solid foundation for organic growth through Search Engine Optimization and keyword searching, targeting lead generation.
  • Showcase some of the largest projects ever completed in NYC in the field of life safety systems and fire protection.
  • Analyze the different services that the company offers.
phase 1


CFSNYC is a leader in the fire detection and life safety field in NYS with almost three decades worth' of experience. However, they had an old, outdated website that was in dire need of modernization.

Over its long career, the company has built an impresive portfolio of projects which sets it apart from the competition. We wanted to showcase this portfolio so that prospective clients would know the caliber of work they should expect. Our other major focus was the company's large list of services with an emphasis on discoverability through SEO.

Home Page Design
phase 2

Home Page Design

We used a blend of orange and red to match the colors of CFSNYC's logo opting for a while background for a cleaner look. We made judicious use of negative space to give the content room to breathe and impart a sense of scale to certain sections.

phase 3

Bringing it all together

The updated CFSNYC website is modern, responsive, vibrant, simple to navigate and mobile-friendly. Prospective and returning customers can easily find contact information and quote request forms; job seekers can quickly find information on vacancies and apply on the spot.