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Objectives is a unique concept for a web based database containing information and content for ethnicities. The gama is really very broad and ranges from restaurants and attorneys to DJ's and events across the major cities of the U.S.


Our team designed a magazine look layout to fit the demands of multiple data-sources and geographic locations of visitors. When someone i.e. from NY visits the home page, that person will see different information and ads than and invidual located in Miami. The system provides paid listings and free listings among many free and paid services for users and businesses. A large community with an ethnic focus, video gallery, photo gallery, and an event creation and announcement system are just a few of the hundreds of elements that this website uses.


LiveEthnic from the first month became a profitable business. With more than 100,000 hits and targeted audience, results have surpassed expectations, and the project is rapidly expanding to more cities and ethnicities on a daily basis.

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