Sunday, 21 April 2013 11:23

Rossillo & Licata, P.C. (U.C.)

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Rossillo & Licata, P.C., is one of the top legal firms in Long Island. Their old website was out dated, incompatible with cell phones and tablets, suffered major design mistakes and not at all user friendly. The firm asked us to create a completely new website, along with web and social branding.


The site is still under construction, but we have already created the layout, engines for the attorney bios, social pages ie. Facebook and Linkedin and applied state-of the-art S.E.O and S.E.F urls . We also provided the video and photography services. The final result is nothing less than a serious and modern website of a large legal firm, providing first time visitors with valuable tools and information.


Site is still under construction, launch date is coming soon.