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Bakery Website Design

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BayRidge Bakery

Bayridge Bakery is one of the oldest and most awarded bakeries in Brooklyn. The owner of the bakery, Chef Nick, wanted to update his old static website with a fresh and modern look, manageable by him, have e-commerce utilization, galleries, blog system, strong SEO for local traffic and a responsive layout design for mobile view.

We built a completely new website, keeping only a few of the old portions like the logo and background. We picked some 'fresh' coloring and provided photography services for the bakery goods. The new website includes different sections on the home page for 'weekly specials' that grab the attention of the user, a blog system for news and offers, complete e-commerce platform that isn't active yet, and contact forms for retail  & wholesale customers. As always everything is optimized for top Search Engine results and a user-friendly experience. In addition to the above we support this website with a monthly agreement for social media & S.E.O. tweaking. 

What it's about is about pastries, custom cakes and wholesale. Through the website this traditional business, have to provide information and description about the products and services they offer. Their old website didn't implement mobile devices or tablets, was missing critical user elements like a simple menu or contact forms, and in general didn't provide the modern and efficient business that they actually is. A small portion of the problems they had and that's why they need the redesign is:

  • Old layout and user experience
  • Few amount of images with lack of clarity and colors
  • Search Engine Optimization wasn't existent at all
  • Social Media capabilities
  • Not compatible with mobile phones and tablets (not viewable at all cause of Flash design)
  • Many (more than 50) technical errors on the design
  • Missing forms for contact
  • Hard to read content

What we did and how 

After we choose the proper layout and framework, we build a custom design for mobile and tablets to make easier for the visitor to browse the website. We combined 14 different commercial software to create the final results, including newsletter software, blogging software, e-commerce software, slideshow generator, search engine optimization software, SEF, professional forms, facebook and twitter auto-posting and few others. The project came together after few fine-tuning tweaks, and start producing results for the owner from the first week.



From the first week the owner saw an order increase of up to 300% due to customers visiting the website. Bay Ridge Bakery now appears on the first page of Google Search, Bing & Yahoo. The traffic increase is huge, 650% in 3 months, and of course the best is yet to come. 


Testimonial from the owner:

"I have been searching for a web designer for some time. I did not want to fall into the marketing trap of many "web designers" that are out there looking to make a quick buck and disappear. I found The Web Empire through another satisfied customer of them and when I called, I knew I found someone that was different. John is very professional and knows how to guide you in the right direction, even before he gets the account. John has been extremely patient with me, especially since I am very particular with details. He takes pride in what he does and has a vision that extends far beyond just making a website. His goals, when creating a website, are long term and he took great pride in helping my company develop an online visibility and social identity. Together, with my passion and experience in the pastry arts, and John's commitment to me as a customer, I am confident that we will have a long and productive relationship. I would recommend The Web Empire without any hesitation!"


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