Tuesday, 13 August 2013 20:40

Green Light Initiative

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Green Light Initiative is one of the top businesses across the US for LED commercial solutions. Their initial website project was to have a 'crispy clean' website, with a friendly UX for their commercial clients, call to action forms, private database access for specific certified customers, and strong Search Engine Optimization.

Our team after many meetings with the owner design from the begin all the layout and create a marketing and Search Engine Optimization strategy for the business. We focused on simplicity and targeting the real customers of such business. 



After the first 2 months the website increased the penetration on their market by at least 200%. We have a monthly Search Engine Optimization maintenance agreement, and every month we see improved and more targeted results. 

Testimonial by the owner:

"Greenlight Initiative has gone through 3 major website redesigns since 2006. Using different companies for each, we have had mixed experiences in the past. For our company, building a website is more than just creating a template, or using it as just an online copy of our business card. We have very specific goals and expectations, and essentially need our website to do two things: educate our clients, and generate new business. As a company in a growth industry with clients throughout the US & Canada, lead generation from the proper target audience is also critical. When i first met with John and his team - it was instantly clear that they get it. The Web Empire Team understood what we wanted, why we wanted it, and when we wanted it. They were able to explain what does and does not work TODAY, and also what we can expect TOMORROW. This is because they understand marketing, and more importantly business, and how they operate together in the real world.

We believe that The Web Empire delivered more than expected, without outsourcing our website to some boiler-plate firm overseas that may speak code well, but not the language that our customers do. We were so impressed with the results, they are the first firm that we kept on retainer for monthly maintenance and SEO services. Great work at a fair price, with results that exceeded our expectations - what more could be asked for? The Web Empire continues to impress us, and we are happy to consider them a part of our team."

N.N. CEO of Green Light Initiative