Wednesday, 27 July 2011 21:23

Hair Salon Website Design

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Jon Megaris Hair Salon

Jon Megaris is an award winning hair coloring and styling salon. The history of the salon goes back 50 yrs., and the famous people that trust Jon and Taso are hundreds. We faced a big challenge with this website; how to best present their services and history and integrate those elements into an eshop for their hair products.  
Jon's old web site wasn't eye catching, ands it was missing an enourmous amount of information. Without the required search engine optimization the business didn't have a chance against the competition. During the project's process we filmed videos for youtube, and took more than 1500 photographs in three days to fullfill the high quality demands of this specific type of business.
Finally, after a lot of work, and many creative ideas from the TWE team we managed to create one of the best hair salon websites in New York! Inside this project you'll find a lot of 1st time published designs, styles and many ideas. These include the presentation of each employee with a small bio, small images of every single department, and many featured products. This web site portrays the real web-branding that TWE can do for a business. 

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