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AJ Visual Imaging Solutions

AJ Visual Imaging Solutions is a NYC based company focused on digital printing supplies, using the latest technology on the field. Their mission is to offer exceptional quality products to their customers. The company asked from us to create a new website, to reflect their growth.

The website is a modern minimalistic design, showcasing the products of AJ Visual Solutions. The sophisticated, but at the same time simple back end of the website, gives the flexibility to the owners to update their website elements on the fly even from their mobile devices without any special training.

What Is It About

 AJ Visual Solutions is a small local business, which nevertheless is a well-established company with more than 10 years of experience in the field. The next step was to expand their customer base and a new website was the best solution in order to achieve that. A website is like the branding and reputation at the same time for any business. A branding that is available 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. So we've created a frontpage, with as little information as possible. Not too little though. We included all the necessary information, about the technologies AJ Visual Studio is using, as well as information about the owner, and of course, the catalogue of the business. 


What We Did

the web empire aj visual imaging solutions case studiesIn the case of AJ Visual Solutions, we chose to create a light minimalistic theme with white as the base color. As with any modern website, we put special care to mobile devices, with a fluid layout for all platforms like Desktop, Tablet and Smartphones.

The website had to be lightweight, and very fast to load, so we chose to use few but representative images. The owner didn't want to have a webstore, since in that kind of business direct communication with the customers is very important, in order to refine the details to the last bit.

Instead, they chose to provide their customers with their catalogue, and a series of Frequently Asked Questions section that will solve the most common questions customers usually have. In order to establish that line of communication via the website, we included a contact form. Besides that, the website is using all the latest technologies in SEO and SEF software in order to provide the company with monthly SEO services in the best way possible.

  • Responsive design for large and medium screens, tablets and mobiles
  • Very clean and modern approach 
  • Multiple forms
  • Auto Translation
  • Newsletter System
  • Logo redesign
  • Blogging Platform
  • Training for the owners

Web Software & Configuration

The design of the website is very lightweight, but highly configurable interface, with images, blending in seamlessly with the background. Besides that we used a contact form, a web catalogue and a minimalistic blogging platform. In order to attract more viewers and to increase website bandwidth.

Additional Info