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Greek Tavern Website Design Featured

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Taverna Kyklades

Taverna Kyklades is probably the best known Greek restaurant in the New York area. They've been our clients for the last 8 years and they keep expanding!  With 3 available places now, a new-updated website was more than a need. So, we pull the triger and we came up with something really beautiful, elegant and simple.

When comes to restaurant and food places, one of our main concerns is always how to make the visitor 'hungry'. Believe it or not, this is our main tactic and strategy we are following for many decades. The question here is "Do I like what I see?". And in such scenarios you don't care about super effects neither about extreme designs, you care only to focus on the food! Combine this with the correct SEO strategy, the right coloring and branding and you have a success! 

What Is It About

Taverna Kyklades is a traditional Greek Tavern serving always fresh and always top quality seafood and meat, cooked in a traditional Greek way. The atmosphere is authentic, reminding you (or make you imagine) your last trip to a local tavern in Greece - relaxing, cozy, warm. Their first place opened back in 1996 in Astoria and since then they keep growning over time. Their key to success is the high-quality standards, the unforgivable tastes of the Greek cuisine and the well-known element of Greek hospitality.

taverna kyklades website upgrade restaurant usa fully responsive website design

What We Did

This website was made in order to replace the old website which was getting obsolete. We decided to build the website from scratch. Our goal was to have a modern looking website, up-to-date with all the modern aesthetic, security, and functionality specifications. So we put special care to the design of the website, using real images of the places for each location, as well as images of the delicious fresh food served there. A restaurant website must have an online catalog, so the visitors can browse the dishes, so we've added one detailed food catalog for each of the three locations. The website supports online order, which was achieved by using the ChowNow service.

taverna kyklades website upgrade restaurant usa before and after

  • Responsive Design 2.0 for extra large, large, medium and cell phone screens (Desktops, Tablets & Mobiles)
  • Location Based Menu, Galeries and Services
  • Website Branding
  • SEO Services
  • Online Ordering system
  • Social Media
  • Galleries for each Location

Web Software & Configuration

This website was not a particularly complex project when it comes to technical difficulties, so we focused more on the design. Since mobile devices are getting more and more popular, we've paid attention to mobile and tablet view of the website contributing with a lot of custom code and some GLP3 licensed software to achieve the desired results.

Results So Far

After just a month the new website is ranking higher in organic results in all major search engines.

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