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Safety Training Website Design Featured

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The Certification Center

The Certification Center is a website upgrade project for the largest health and safety training company in NY. The old website was getting obsolete in terms of functionality, so the owners decided to create a brand new one, compatible with modern mobile devices, branding and more functionality. The website includes a custom design and the ability to securely register and pay for courses online.

One of the core functions of the new website is the ability to register online for the courses via a secure and seamless procedure. The visitor is able to see the schedule for his preselected class, as well as all the required information needed before enrollment. The website is available in various languages including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Any additional content added, will be automatically translated to all these languages without any further action from the owners. Along with the above, we've created a custom Search Engine Optimization that was needed in order to bring more traffic to the new website.

What is it about

The Certification Center is dedicated to bringing the highest quality of classes and certifications in the area of New York, with highly skilled and professional instructors, as well as with the latest equipment in order to provide the best training. They provide certifications in a range of services which can be divided into two sectors, the Medical sector for doctors, physical therapists, nurses etc, and a generic Workplace and safety sector mostly focusing on construction industries, government agencies, safety officers etc. We have created an online booking form with all the upcoming lessons, with a short description, a list with the fields that the courses cover, dates of the next class, and the ability to enroll online.

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What We Did

For this project, we put special effort in fitting all the necessary information about the company, the classes, the expertise and reputation, avoiding the influx of information that might confuse the visitors. We provide them with monthly SEO in order to boost the visibility of the website and we embeded a professional blogging platform.We have also utilized the power of automated translation in more than twenty languages covering the large ethnic audience of NYC. Any new content will be automatically translated on the fly, increasing the usability of the visitors and the results to the business. When it comes to communication with the clients, we have created a subscription service so their customers can receive regular updates, as well as a contact form.

  • Responsive 2.0 Design for extra large, large, medium, iOS and Android screens (Desktops, Tablets & Mobiles)
  • Custom Graphics
  • Translation to more than 20 languages
  • Secure Online Enrollment
  • Blogging Platform
  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Email Subscription
  • Contact form
  • Testimonials
  • Dynamic map with company location

Web Software & Configuration

The Certification Center website required a lot of custom software solutions. An online booking software was used so our clients can easily find all the information they might need and enroll online. This software had to be in line with the latest security specifications so the clients feel safe when making the transaction. Besides this specialized software, we used a range of commercial and GNU GPL3 software in order to accomplish the specifications requested by the owners of the company. A special translation software was used in order to assist customers who feel more comfortable reading in their native language, contact forms, testimonials section, dynamic maps, blogging platforms and more.

Results So Far

Their old website was getting close to nothing attention from the search engines. For the whole year of 2017 their organic traffic was bellow 700 users. Last results with the new website were pointing at 5,000+ organic search visitors on the first 9 months. 

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