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Real Estate Mgt. & Dev. Website Design Featured

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Brause Realty

Brause Realty is one of the oldest property management & real estate company in NY. They provide their services since 1930. The owners wanted to create a new website that will reflect the business updated thinking for the 21st century, and will include a multi-functional property management platform. is an enterprise level project and is considered a large website. As with most of our projects, we used a CMS in order to facilitate the back end of the website, and then our design team with the client's feedback, came up with the new design and layout. The style we went after was a minimalistic interface and a picture-rich homepage. The most important function of the website is their property gallery, where the owners/agents can submit more properties.

What is it about

Brause Realty Inc. specializes in long-term ownership, management, and development of high-quality, well-located commercial and residential real estate assets. Their current focus is on residential construction and new development opportunities. They are also committed to preserving beautiful architecture by modernizing the interior spaces of our 20th-century buildings through technological and green building upgrades.


What We Did

Our design team came up with a clean home page that includes a slider at the header, advertising current available properties. The website meets the modern standards of the industry being fully responsive and follows all the required FED and State regulations for a real estate website. Visitors can browse available properties by selecting among the property types and contact directly our client use any of the available forms. Each property has a slideshow gallery function and provides information for the property and the local area, as well as a printable PDF output and a contact link for the property manager. 

  • Responsive Design for extra large, large, medium and cell phone screens (Desktops, Tablets & Mobiles)
  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Complete Real Estate Property Management Platform
  • Custom Graphics
  • Blogging Platform
  • Contact form with database
  • Federal and State Regulations

Web Software & Configuration

The complete website was based to commercial software with a lot of configuration and customization. More than 30 different software were used in order to provide this picture-perfect result. The management is extremely easy and can happen -literally- on the go, providing solutions for both mobile and desktop users.