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Traditional Greek Tavern Website Design Featured

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Ela Taverna

Ela Taverna is a traditional Greek cuisine restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. Their focus is on meze plates (tapas) based on healthy ingredients. Meze plates are the Mediterranean tapas. The owners wanted to create a new website to gain online and local exposure, and to promote services such as online ordering, delivery, reservations and catering.

Ela Taverna is a local business and a typical example of a fine restaurant website. As with most of our projects, the website is based on a CMS, making maintenance and administration simpler both for the developers and customer. After consulting with the client we proceeded with creating a modern website design and layout. The end result is a website rich in media, but at the same time finely tuned for fast load times and cross platform compatibility. Important functions of the website include the online reservation and online ordering functions, which have been implemented by embedding third party platforms.

What Is It About

Ela Taverna specializes in traditional Greek cuisine. Their focus is on offering a healthy Mediterranean diet menu using only the highest quality fresh ingredients.


What We Did

Restaurant websites need to be rich in photography to depict the restaurant's experience, this includes images of the food and location. Our design team came up with a media-rich, but finely optimized website. There are many images showing the entrees Ela Taverna offers as well as Ela Taverna's interior. Users can also make a reservation, place an online order or request catering services.

  • Responsive Design for extra large, large, medium and cell phone displays (Desktops, Tablets & Mobiles)
  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Custom Graphics
  • Picture rich content
  • Menu presentation
  • Gallery
  • Order Online
  • Reserve Online
  • Contact Form

Web Software And Configuration

The website uses both GPL3 and Commercial software in order to achieve the final result. For example, the contact forms, gallery and template design engine are all commercial software