Thursday, 22 November 2018 11:46

Business & Finance News Portal Website Design Featured

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Advisors Magazine is a large news portal focused on finance, business, advisement and technology markets. They host expert opinions on all trending matters and also publish an online and printed magazine with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

The client initially had an old website and came to us asking for upgrade and a new design. Having suffered in the past from multiple security threats our speicialized team first create a perfect combination for hosting with multiple guarding levels and then we started designing the new website. For this project we have used a CMS platform in order to provide an easy-to-use administrative panel for our clients. The goal was to provide a user friendly website, in order to facilitate all the categories Advisorsmagazine has to offer. The website is very fast and responsive while maintaining a clean and easy to use navigation interface.

What is it about

Advisors Magazine is made up of experts in business, market news and more, but lacked an up-to-date online presence. They asked us to create a new website to reach their audience, allow users to view their online magazine and have a simple article submisssion process for their contributors.


What we did

Our design team came up with a clean, easy to use interface, that helps the user navigate among all the categories Advisors Magazine covers. One of the most important features for a modern website, is the ability to scale across all devices, from large desktop screens, to smaller smartphones. In addition, our client requested a real time stock market module that displays the current stock market trends across the world. The website also offers a newsletter subscription service. Lastly, we gave them the ability to display an online version of their magazine issues in a dedicated section. 

  • Responsive Design for extra large, large, medium, and smartphone displays
  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • email subscription service
  • Online digital magazine display
  • Display advertisements and sponsors
  • Social Media Connection
  • Real time Stock Market Trends

Web Software and configuration

The usage of multiple GPL3 licensed and commercially licensed software was mandatory in order to fulfill the project requirements. Commercial software was used for the website theme engine, design, contact forms and more. Other features such as email subscriptions are being handled by GPL3 licensed software.