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Website Designs - Portfolio Best of New York https://www.thewebempire.us Thu, 25 Feb 2021 19:53:05 -0500 en-gb Home Abstract https://www.thewebempire.us/item/63-home-abstract.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/63-home-abstract.html Home Abstract

Website Design

HomeAbstractCorp.com is an upgraded website of the well known Title Insurance Company of Brooklyn. The owners initial request was to redesign their old website for better user engagement, increase the ROI of search engines, as well as an advanced internal portal for better servicing their existent customers. 

Due to the nature of the business and for security purposes we can't analyze the type of portal we did and how exactly it works. What matters though is that it's completely web-based, accessible from any device, a file and request supporting portal, with multiple levels of access (based on the credentials of each client), supporting unlimited amounts of administrators and clients. The website was based on a complete CMS platform with an excellent visual presentation of the different services for individuals and attorneys. Included are 5 different calculators,  hundreds of free downloadable contracts and files, state of the art Search Engine Optimization for every single page plus a very clean and neat presentation of the business itself.  The sophisticated back-end helps the owners and their support team provide services to their clients on a 24/7 basis, further increasing the business's reputation.

What it's about

Since 1977, the Title Insurance industry has undergone tremendous changes, but Home Abstract’s mission remains – to provide unbeatable services to their clients. The core foundation of the Company is to treat each client as a person; making them an extended member of their family. Home Abstract would not be what it is today without the years of friendship, loyalty, and camaraderie of their clients. 

What we did

The custom home page provides all the required information for a first time visitor about the company and their services. The internal pages are spread based on different visitor demands. The modern layout changes automatically when the visitor scrolls down, creating a nice effect. The website was created in less 5 weeks and we embedded all the latest technology SEO and SEF software in order to provide the owner with our monthly SEO services in the best way possible.


  • Responsive design for large and medium screens, tablets and mobiles
  • Commercial grade support software for clients
  • Newsletter signup system
  • Monthly SEO service
  • Blog system for news and announcements
  • Custom article presentation
  • Custom graphics
  • Rotating Testimonials
  • Training

Web Software & Configuration

This website is considered a complex project. Multiple commercial software was used in order to control the users activity, secure the files, follow up with the users and the marketing that was required. On this website we had to use 9 different commercial software programs and 7 free GPL3 licenced software to get the final result. 


Since one of the main concerns of the owners was the utilization of the Search Engines, we managed within the first month to have the 2 major keyword combinations on the 1st page of Google.

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Ted Bardy Acting School https://www.thewebempire.us/item/42-ted-bardy-acting-school.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/42-ted-bardy-acting-school.html Ted Bardy Acting School


Ted Bardy Studio Inc., is one of the oldest and most awarded Acting schools in NYC. Their goals were marketing functionality for their students,maintaining their history and artistic approach of their web presence, increase their Search Engine Optimization results and create a private community for their students.  

This was a very challenging project and took a lot of effort to create the final result. As many of us already know the combination of art and technology rarely comes yields successful results. Most of the time you end up with either a great looking website which is missing basic elements for UX and SEO or with great web development which doesn't 'speak' to the audience and the potential customers of such a project. Our team created a theme that combined these two worlds, with the best possible results. We provided training to our client and his representatives, to be able to maintain and update the website by themselves. We used multiple software engines for communication, marketing, social media, blogging and a very nice registered-approval-only community which made their life easier and their students more satisfied than ever. Online payment methods, custom made social pages, photoshooting and re-branding resulted in what is probably the best website for this industry in NYC.

What it's about

TedBardy.com is the web presence of Ted Bardy Acting Schools. They have to provide information through the web about their class offerings, provide online registration for students, offer online payment options for existent and new students, event announcements and payment options for their theatrical shows and to provide a complete experience for international & local customers. Their old website (done in 2012) had many technical and UX issues, and a weak SEO engine:

  • Dark colors made the visitor feel uncomfortable
  • Logo was too "shiny", focused on the film industry
  • Images across the website were very small and not so sharp/vivid
  • There was no blogging system
  • Testimonials were hard to read and find
  • The website was not viewed correctly from mobile devices
  • Social media marketing didn't exist
  • Website performance was too slow
  • The registration proccess was complicated
  • There were no photos from the school itself

 What we did

To get the full image, here is an example of the old home-page and the new one (click for larger images):


Obvious differences:

  • 30% wider design
  • Logo & coloring was redesigned
  • Home Page transformed into a marketing tool
  • Classes are separate with "Call to Action" buttons
  • Layout is responsive for desktops, tablets and mobile view
  • Custom made blog system
  • Social media share & follow are available across the whole website
  • Testimonials are easily viewable 

Not so obvious differences:

  • State of the art - custom made - Search Engine Optimization
  • Clean Typography system
  • Very fast website (90/100 Yspeed results)
  • Easy administration & management system for the owner
  • Fast & easy registraton system that saves results in the database
  • Private community system for the students
  • Crispy-clean image system

Web Software & Configuration

For the final results that you see we had to combine 9 different commercial software and 12 free GPL3 licences, to create a complete custom solution for this complex project. Amongst other things, there is software for newsletters, facebook auto-posting, blogging system, class announcements, image calibration, multi-share capabilities, private registration, form-reservation systems, payment system, advanced database optimization, community system, rss, schedule system, and multi-marketing software.


Results (so far) 

Below you can see the infograph after the first month of the re-development:


Testimonial from the owner:

“I own an acting school in New York City. I love what I do but my internet and business skills are sorely lacking. John, and his team at The Web Empire, have taken over almost all aspects of my online presence. They understand my needs and the type of students and working professionals I wish to attract.
The clever interactive design of my website, excellent SEO and social networking strategy, and their 24/7 availability have helped the “business” aspect of what I do thrive -while also allowing me to maintain my artistic integrity.
The Web Empire has allowed me to focus more on what I love to do.”

-Ted Bardy, Founder & Artistic Director of The Ted Bardy Studio, Inc. and ActNyc.com



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NGTV Cable Channel-News Portal https://www.thewebempire.us/item/41-ngtv-ny.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/41-ngtv-ny.html NGTV Cable Channel-News Portal


NGTV is a cable channel based in NY and provided by Time Warner Cable. While NGTV's history goes back 20 years, they never had any serious web presence. Their goals were to create a multi-dimensional portal with daily bilingual news, web-tv, paid-banners, SKAI TV online subscription, and a submission system for the authors.

We designed a clean layout developed with multiple elements for the news and the tv-shows. The system includes different sections for the news in 2 languages (English & Greek) and multiple categories for the news (politics, entertainment, sports, financial etc). The authors are using their own control panel to post or edit the news, with very advanced and easy to use systems for the images, video or galleries. We trained the authors and the rest of their colleagues to handle and manage everything by themselves including image resolution, tagging system and typography. 

We installed and customized a complete automated system for the website paid banners, so their clients are able to complete online payments, upload or renew their ads and watch banner statistics when they want. The system support PPC, per month, per day, visibility on specific geo-ip locations (i.e. NYC's users are watching different ads than LA's users), it's compatible with cell phones and tablets and of course provides multiple earnings and time savings for the business.

Worth mentioning is that NGTV was trying to launch the website for more than 12 months with another company, and we launched the website in 1 month after we took over the project.


The website succeed after 6 months to ranked on #1 across US, as the top in traffic bilingual website for Greek-Americans that it's based on US. Since the launch the reputation and the branding of the business is increased, and more potential customers are become subscribers to their cable TV channel or asking to advertise in both the website and the TV channel. 

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Aplez Local Coupons & Deals https://www.thewebempire.us/item/37-aplez-com.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/37-aplez-com.html Aplez Local Coupons & Deals


The Aplez.com website was a very complicated redevelopment project of a pre-existent website. This web based business had a large amount of technical issues with their 2 previous websites and what started as just an SEO project, ended with a completely new website. The specific project is a great case study.

What it's about

The moto of the website is 'Always Pay Less Everywhere', and it was a simple coupon announcement system for local businesses, but the old website suffered from so many issues that it was impossible to even list them all. A small portion of them include the following:

  • Incredibley slow load speeds; above 30s to load for the first time
  • Poor utilization of images and lack of clarity
  • Completely missing embedded SEO systems and no organic results - owner had to pay Google ads
  • Negative user experience interface
  • Wrong utilization of cookies
  • Review systems that drove users onto a competitive website
  • Many - more than 100 - development errors and misconfigurations of WordPress causing constant issues with the search engines & social media

What we did

To get the full image, here is an example of the old home-page and the new one (click for larger images):

aplezoldhomepagesmall apleznewhomepagesmall

Obvious differences:

  • 40% wider design
  • Logo was redesigned
  • Menu now includes the main portions of the website
  • Main wide - slideshow for paid advertising from businesses
  • 3 columns under the slideshow with many user options, including local - geo-ip-activated - deals & offers
  • Custom made article system with local news, editor picks, events & interviews. Articles now support comments directly from social media, such as Facebook, twitter & Google+
  • 4 different layouts for mobiles, tablets, normal & wide screens
  • Consistent 'clean' design & coloring across the whole website
  • Auto translation for 8 languages

Not so obvious differences:

  • State of the art - custom made - Search Engine Optimization
  • Clean Typography system
  • Very fast website (92/100 Yspeed results)
  • Strong indexing system
  • Custom made advanced search
  • Custom made Search Engine with a combination of options, such as distance, area, business type, deal, savings, etc
  • Auto-pay & easy management system for the business owners with complete administration privileges
  • Crispy-clean image system

Web Software & Configuration

For the final results that you see we had to combine 13 different commercial software and 10 free GPL3 licences, to create a complete custom solution for this complex project. Amongst others, there is a software for newsletters, facebook auto-posting, blogging system, facebook log-in, business listings, business reviews, image calibration, multi-share capabilities, email for business owners, registration, reservation systems, payment system, embedded Google map system, advanced database optimization, community system, events system, rss and multi-marketing software.

Results so far

Below you can see the infograph after the first month of the redevelopment:


Update May 2nd 2016

The Web Empire is pleased to announce that we received the 2016 Hermes Creative Platinum Award for aplez.com website (Category: Website Elements - Professional Services). This project earned top honors amongst major international brands and leading Fortune 500 companies.
“Our web design company continues to excel at creating effective and best-in-class results. With consistency in progress and growing achievements we are helping our clients increase their brand visibility and presence in the industry,” states John Varsamis, CEO of The Web Empire. “I am absolutely thrilled with the continued success our team has achieved over the last twelve months. To receive a total of 4 awards across this year in international competitions is no small feat and an accomplishment for which I am exceedingly proud.”.


About the Hermes Creative Awards

Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition (since 1995) for creative professionals involved in the concept of writing and design of traditional materials and programs and emerging technologies. More than 160,000 entries comes from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, graphic design shops, production companies, web and digital creators and freelancers. Hermes Creative Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The international organization consists of several thousand marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, media production, web and free-lance professionals. The Association oversees awards and recognition programs, provides judges and sets standards for excellence.
(Source: http://www.hermesawards.com/)

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INT Electronics https://www.thewebempire.us/item/34-int-electronics.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/34-int-electronics.html



INT Electronics is a well known business to business solution company that represents some of the best brands for automation, such as Psion, Socket Mobile, Datamax-Oneil and many others. The upgrade to their website included a multi-level intranet system for suppliers, training, white papers section, and support via a sophisticated back-end enviroment.


The layout is very simple and focuses on easy user navigation. Since the goal is not the retail market, but professionals who know what they are looking for, the main content is 'members only'.

info@thewebempire.us (John) Web Design & Development Portfolio Tue, 21 Aug 2012 13:01:12 -0400
Hellas FM Radio NY https://www.thewebempire.us/item/33-hellas-fm-radio-ny.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/33-hellas-fm-radio-ny.html Hellas FM Radio NY


HellasFM has been the No.1 radio station in the world for Greek diaspora listeners for more than a decade.

The owner came to us requesting a complete portal solution.That included the incorporation of the radio station, schedule of their radio-shows, presentations of producers and advertisment packages.


The development of any portal is always exciting since you have to combine many elements together and at the same time provide a simple and clean enviroment for the users. HellasFM's website was no exception. 

We designed a 2 column based website and split it into multiple sections to accomodate the different types of news and services they offer. In addition we provided them with a live chat module, a Facebook chat module, and an ad engine for users to post their own ads for free. We also handled the website's S.E.O. in the Greek and English languages, added the website onto search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL, and did the complete configuration for analytics and webmaster tools.


HellasFM old website was getting around 400 page views on a monthly basis. The new website is now receiving more than 10,000 hits (more than a 2,500% increase). Results on Google were only 15 and are now  1,150. Their advertisement almost doubled, and they are getting great and positive feedback from their audience.  

info@thewebempire.us (John) Web Design & Development Portfolio Fri, 21 Sep 2012 13:00:32 -0400
Bravo Ambulance https://www.thewebempire.us/item/27-bravo-ambulance.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/27-bravo-ambulance.html



Complete re-branding of the Bravo Volunteer Ambulance of Brooklyn, New York. During this project we implemented many of today's new marketing and technology features  ,including HTML 5, responsive design, intranet for members only, embedded youtube channel,  adobe's electronic pdf system for applications, a hidden forum and much more.

Bravo is the NY's largest volunteer service, and is getting hundreds of applications and requests. Our team came up with a simple and sofisticated look that provide effective management for their needs. Everything now is saved on a web environment and all the active members of the organization are able to access their own projects from anywhere. 


From the first month, due to our Search Engine Optimization and the correct development BravoAmbulance.org, is coming on the 1st page of Google. This increase the exposure and the work this team is making for their community, and provides more funding and donations, when at the same time more people are recognize them. 

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LivEthnic https://www.thewebempire.us/item/24-livethnic.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/24-livethnic.html LivEthnic


LiveEthnic.com is a unique concept for a web based database containing information and content for ethnicities. The gama is really very broad and ranges from restaurants and attorneys to DJ's and events across the major cities of the U.S.


Our team designed a magazine look layout to fit the demands of multiple data-sources and geographic locations of visitors. When someone i.e. from NY visits the home page, that person will see different information and ads than and invidual located in Miami. The system provides paid listings and free listings among many free and paid services for users and businesses. A large community with an ethnic focus, video gallery, photo gallery, and an event creation and announcement system are just a few of the hundreds of elements that this website uses.


LiveEthnic from the first month became a profitable business. With more than 100,000 hits and targeted audience, results have surpassed expectations, and the project is rapidly expanding to more cities and ethnicities on a daily basis.

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Hellas Network Education https://www.thewebempire.us/item/6-hellas-network-education.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/6-hellas-network-education.html Hellas Network Education


Hellas Network is a Greek Seminar and Educational company, based in Athens, Greece. We created a custom cms with many abilities, including a registration form, menus with separate entities for each seminar and class, many multimedia images, social engine support, and even a Groupon style coupon.
We also bulit an embedded blog, created a custom application for classes and seminars, installed and configured a state-of-the-art search engine optimization system. In less than a month the actual results of the website were +400% visits and 40% more clients.


alfredmorrick@hotmail.com (Alfred Morrick) Web Design & Development Portfolio Thu, 06 Oct 2011 21:18:52 -0400