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Lighting Technologies Website Design

Axioinnova is a new startup specializing in lighting and integrated technologies. They specialize in led's, commercial and industrial lighting for both outdoor and indoor usage. The owners requested a new website in order to attract more potential customers online. This was a small - but - smart branding project.

The back-end CMS platform we used, was combined with multiple third-party components in order to produce the final aesthetic design. The website is fully responsive, which means that can be browsed in all modern devices. From large desktop screens to smaller tablet and smartphone screens.

What is it about

For the many years Axioinnova brings insight and value to any client who needs support for lighting projects. They have completed LED lighting projects for national lighting distributors, contractors, designers, ESCOs, finance companies among others. They have a network of pre-qualified, fully vetted manufacturers, and partners and they have completed projects in both the USA and Canada.

axioinnova responsive

What We Did

This is a typical small website. As with the vast majority of our projects, we've used a CMS, and a commercial template design tool in order to design the interface of the website. Our goal was to keep the website as light as possible, providing basic information about the philosophy and experience of the company.

  • Responsive Design for extra large, large, medium and cell phone screens (Desktops, Tablets & Mobiles)
  • Social media account connection
  • Contact forms

Web Software & Configuration

As mentioned above, this is a small project, which is an ideal solution for small businesses, or businesses that want to have a discrete footprint on the internet.It is compiled by three pages. As with most of our projects, we have used a CMS as the base for this project. Our design team used a commercial template builder in order to design the interface of this website. Furthermore, we used 2 commercial software, and 2 GPL3 licensed software in order to achieve the desired specifications the owner of the company requested.

Results So Far

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Xen Sams Actress Website https://www.thewebempire.us/item/46-xen-sia-actress-website.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/46-xen-sia-actress-website.html Xen Sams Actress Website


The website of the known actress and model Xen Sams, featuring her career of over 10 years in Hollywood and working with world known fashion designers. Xen asked us to create a clean - professional looking website, that she would be able to easily handle and update elements such as press, social media and previews of her projects. 

From our part, except the smart design and the updated development, we had to transfer all the pre-existent content from the old website to the new one, and fix multiple typography and UX errors. 

What is it about

Xen-sams.com is about Xen herself. It provides information about her past career as a model, the recent movies, charities that she supports and gives access to a pretty large and very well organized photo-gallery. There are different levels of galleries under the portfolio section which includes; Press photography, Fashion photography, Ads, Headshots for filming and of course Videos from her movies. In addition to this, you can find a detailed resume of recent and past projects, Press links, interviews and her personal blog with movie insights.

What we did

To get the full image, here is an example of the old home-page and the new one:


  • Simple and clean design for both desktops and mobiles
  • Logo creation and design
  • Color branding
  • Blog customization
  • Custom galleries
  • Custom graphics
  • Social media channels
  • Video editing and posting
  • Training for the owner

Web Software & Configuration

What looks simple, most of the times isn’t. On this website we had to use 11 different commercial software programs and 15 free GPL3 licenced software to create this nice and clean looking images.

Results so far

Her fans already love the new website and share it among their friends. An important target was to increase the visibility of her IMDB's profile, and it has already begun to occur, with visits increasing by 120% from the first week.

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T&G Hair Salon https://www.thewebempire.us/item/44-t-g-hair-salon.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/44-t-g-hair-salon.html T&G Hair Salon


Tasso & Georgia is a local hair salon on Manhasset, Long Island. They are more than 20 years in this business, and they needed a new sales generating website, with strong Search Engine Optimization, great presentation of their business, bios and information about the owners and their services .

In this project we had to create something that will live through time without the need of superior marketing campaigns, since the owners didn't want to have special offers or any other marketing related activities. We came up with a simple and clean design, accessible from all mobile phones and tablets devices, while at the same time we mainly focus on SEO for local searches.



The results are impressive. After 3 months, the website have increased traffic by 552% compairing to the old one. The website appears on 1st page of Google for local searches "Manhasset Hair Salon"



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