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Alex's Listings is a local NY based website which promotes available homes for rent or sale. The website belongs to a well-known Real Estate Agent - Alex Kastanis - who came up with the idea to create a complete real estate platform targeting on generated traffic from the large companies and search engines directly to his website. 

The whole project facilitates some of the latest in industry techniques and tricks to drive native organic traffic while maintain high user experience and usability. 

What is it about

AlexsListings.com is a professional real-estate platform, based on a commercial software and multiple engines, ready to accept different real estate companies and agents. Supports multiple (unlimited) search criteria, google maps, calculators and comes with a complete unique user experience. The main target of the website is to generate traffic from Search Engines regarding the local areas that the owner is doing business like LIC and Astoria, NY.

What we did

We did a complete redesign of his old website, new logo, new coloring and a complete different approach than before. The look is new and clean, promoting the homes, enhanced with simple and advanced search tools, a blog for SEO purposes and multi-views for cell phones and tablets:


  • Simple and clean design for both desktops and mobiles
  • Advanced Blog system with unlimited amount of images & social sharing tools
  • Color branding
  • New Logo design
  • Custom commercial software for listings
  • Custom SEO / SEF
  • Social media channels
  • Newsletter system
  • Image editing and posting
  • Training for the owner

Web Software & Configuration

What looks simple, most of the times isn’t. On this website we had to use 12 different commercial software programs and 8 free GPL3 licenced software to create this nice and clean looking image.

Results so far

From the first month of the new website the traffic have increased already by 45% . 


info@thewebempire.us (John) Web Design & Development Portfolio Sun, 07 Sep 2014 14:47:51 -0400
INT Electronics https://www.thewebempire.us/item/34-int-electronics.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/34-int-electronics.html



INT Electronics is a well known business to business solution company that represents some of the best brands for automation, such as Psion, Socket Mobile, Datamax-Oneil and many others. The upgrade to their website included a multi-level intranet system for suppliers, training, white papers section, and support via a sophisticated back-end enviroment.


The layout is very simple and focuses on easy user navigation. Since the goal is not the retail market, but professionals who know what they are looking for, the main content is 'members only'.

info@thewebempire.us (John) Web Design & Development Portfolio Tue, 21 Aug 2012 13:01:12 -0400
Hellas FM Radio NY https://www.thewebempire.us/item/33-hellas-fm-radio-ny.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/33-hellas-fm-radio-ny.html Hellas FM Radio NY


HellasFM has been the No.1 radio station in the world for Greek diaspora listeners for more than a decade.

The owner came to us requesting a complete portal solution.That included the incorporation of the radio station, schedule of their radio-shows, presentations of producers and advertisment packages.


The development of any portal is always exciting since you have to combine many elements together and at the same time provide a simple and clean enviroment for the users. HellasFM's website was no exception. 

We designed a 2 column based website and split it into multiple sections to accomodate the different types of news and services they offer. In addition we provided them with a live chat module, a Facebook chat module, and an ad engine for users to post their own ads for free. We also handled the website's S.E.O. in the Greek and English languages, added the website onto search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL, and did the complete configuration for analytics and webmaster tools.


HellasFM old website was getting around 400 page views on a monthly basis. The new website is now receiving more than 10,000 hits (more than a 2,500% increase). Results on Google were only 15 and are now  1,150. Their advertisement almost doubled, and they are getting great and positive feedback from their audience.  

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The Little Soap Shop https://www.thewebempire.us/item/31-the-little-soap-shop.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/31-the-little-soap-shop.html



The Little Soap Shop - as the name indicates - is a tiny shop in Astoria, NY.

The owner is passionate about her work and produces everything by hand on location, delivering excellent natural products for her clients. 


When Vivian first came to us she initially wanted a simple ecommerce solution. After dicsussing and analyzing her business goals, we came to some interesting conclusions in regards to the market of natural and hand-made products, and how she can drastically increase sales and profit. 

Out team designed a really unique and modern layout, with an emphasis on the products and history of the shop. We used many new techniques here, including HTML 5 and typography across the website. We created a simple - but powerful - ecommerce system with paypal as the gateway for transactions. We also trained the owner to be able to change and update products and prices. In addition we did a great S.E.O. and indexing to the major search engines, and changed the logo to give it a more modern look.


The old website was receiving less than 300 hits on a monthly basis, many of them outside of U.S. . With the new design hits jumped to 2,500 / month from within the U.S. . Sales through the eshop  almost doubled and in store sales went up by more than 30% due to customers discovering the business through the web site.

In addition to this, thelittlesoapshop.net is now hosted on TWE's server, providing significant savings in comparison to what the owner was previously paying.

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Diamonds Sports Agency https://www.thewebempire.us/item/29-diamonds-sports-agency.html https://www.thewebempire.us/item/29-diamonds-sports-agency.html Diamonds Sports Agency


The business owner asked for a custom made solution to present his professional services through the web, and to be able to renew, on a daily basis, required information from an extremely large database of players and agents.


We created a CMS based system and trained the owner and his team to be able to edit and update their data. We created custom forms for players, agents and teams so as to be able to contact them for information or proposals. We linked the website to many major basketball websites. In addition we applied organic S.E.O. techniques, the website comes up to more than 2,500 results on search engines. 


Since the day Diamond Sports launched business activity has increased by more than 60% according to the owner.  He now has more quality offers from teams since they are able to easily access needed information and data . He has also realized a 35% decrease in management costs.

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