Professional Web Video Promos

Increase your traffic & build your Branding

Did you know that around 35% of web traffic is dedicated to videos? People are busy and don't have time to spare reading about you, your products or services.

Quick, eye-catching promo videos for the web are the new trend, and considered a standard for our industry for increased results and audience engagement. Videography for the web is very different from the traditional way that film-makers create a TV ad. A “web” audience tends to be much younger than TV viewers, and there are many ways to improve the final clip, making it viral for your local market.

Search engines respect a website that includes videos, setting up the correct search engine optimization process of your short clips and the rest of your website elements, gives you a competitive advantage.


Short Clips - Affordable Price

The main reason we started providing this service was due to the extremely high fees filming companies were charging for a 1 minute or 30s clip. We have many examples when the cost of the website was $2.5K and the cost of the clip was four times higher. This didn't make any sense to us and because we are always willing to help our clients get better results, we started offering our alternative solutions.

Videography through The Web Empire is a full service bundle that includes filming with 2 or 3 Full HD 1080P cameras, 5.1 digital surround sound processing, professional montage, narration if necessary, professional lighting and even actors. We take care of the whole project, focusing on keeping your branding, website and media presence consistent.


Our short-clips service starts from $450 for a single camera and you can add as many extra services as you like. All our services include the uploading of your video to your youtube or vimeo channel and the embedded script to your website.

  Service Price
Simple Solution Max. 30 min of single camera shooting, editing, licensed music and uploading to your YouTube channel $450
Professional Solution Max. 60 min of double camera shooting, professional lights and mic, enhanced clip editing & uploading $1,400
Business Solution Max. 120 min of double camera shooting, professional lights and mic, enhanced clip editing & uploading $2,200

*All shootings and final deliveries are Full HD format - 1080P or 1080P/24, with Dolby Digital sound. Enhanced video editing includes graphics, titles, effects, color & gamma corrections.