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How effective is your website?

More than 93% of websites are considered dead and bring only negative results to the owner. Think about yours.

Most of the web out there consists of outdated and poorly designed sites. Not to mention the repeated copies of exactly the same template bought for a few dollars, even in competitive businesses. How much do you think this helps you?

Well, if you have an updated site, this is good. If you are part of the 93% of the web sites out there, and your site is static, with no dynamic content or it's fancy-flash then you've lost the web game. Keep in mind that your website reflects your business. If your website is old and ugly, the same your customer will think about you. If it's based on flash design and the customers can't see it through their ipad or other tablets, they'll think that you don't care about them. If you don't give them the ability to see your social networking, they'll think that you have something to hide. These issues bring negative results without many of the owners ever thinking about them.


The Web Empire can make the best out of your old web site. If you are in need of website redevelopment we can deliver the best job you can imagine. By using the data and information that can be used today, we transfer and add new material, make it eye catching, and connect everything together under a new dynamic web site.

Newsletter system, web marketing, analytics, promotions, social connections, reputation management, and many other extensions, are available to your business under one centralized platform.

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Examples of website re-designs:

Site: Date:February 2011 (site is on the top10 in visits in the U.S.A. today >2500 hits/day)

before: after:


  • very small static html site (6 pages)
  • compatibility issues
  • owner couldn't update
  • wrong colors / no branding
  • no multimedia content
  • no banners / web advertising
  • no social engines
  • no reputation management
  • very bad results on search engines
  • less than 15% of todays visits


Site: Date:September 2011 (site is the leader -No1- in visits in SouthEastern Europe today)

before: after:


  • very small static html main page
  • compatibility issues
  • long times for the owner to update
  • wrong colors / no branding
  • no "eye catching" content ability
  • no banner management
  • no multimedia content
  • very slow
  • no community (forum)
  • no paid subscriptions
  • no RSS feed
  • no social engines
  • bad results on search engines
  • less than 5% of todays visits
  • no multilingual