Website Administration

Administration of a website includes many variables and tasks that - depending on the scale of the website - have to be done in a scheduled period of time. We can offer all the major services that a website owner needs:

  • Create, develop and manage content for the web presence
  • Coordinate web project across company's departments
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the web property in touch with the developers
  • Copy, edit and proofread all web content
  • Oversee freelancers, including writers, copyeditors and community outreach organizers
  • Assure web-based information is archived for future needs and reference
  • Track and report on all site metrics
  • Keep and maintain backups and security systems
  • Keep clear and safe the databases structure
  • Obtain a managed total fail solution
  • Support for the website 24/7
  • Many other services that can't described here (there are more than 150 tasks an administrator has to do for a website monthly)