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    Web Design & Development

    We're a NY based creative digital agency with complete knowledge of the web industry. Our solutions include Web Design, Strategy, Marketing & Support.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    We know how to improve your online presence. Our custom page-by-page S.E.O. services will dramatically increase your website traffic.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Advanced web marketing services with fast results. Forget what you knew about social media and get into the trend of reaching thousands of users.

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    Complex Web Projects

    We can turn any idea into a complete working website. No matter how complex your project is, our development team will make it happen!

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    Mobile Applications

    Offer your clients or colleagues access from anywhere, with complete custom solutions for iOS, Android & Windows mobile devices

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Web Design Services


Our design services are tailored to create high quality targeted visitors to your website.

  • Strategy & Research
  • Creative Consulting
  • Competition Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • Mobile Platform Design

We take pride in our design achievements and results. You can browse our case studies for a preview of what your business can expect. 

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Web Design Services

Digital Marketing & SEO


Your internet and your social media presence is something that defines your branding.

  • Digital Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Newsletter Systems
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

We’ll communicate your brand to customers the right way, and also bring new ideas and methods of expansion to fuel growth for your business.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Social Media

social media marketing

Social media marketing aka SMM, is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals. Social media marketing includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos, and other type of content or activities that drives audience engagement, as well as paid social media advertising.

  • Increase your website traffic
  • Build more and better conversions
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Create a brand identity and positive brand association
  • Improve your communication and interaction with key audiences
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Web Development


We are an end-to-end web agency that solves any puzzle and brings your vision to reality.

  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • News & TV Portals
  • Communities
  • Mobile Apps for iOS
  • Mobile Apps for Android
  • Advertising Monetization

We have created long-term relationships with all of our clients. We can successfully develop your project no matter how big or small it is. 

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Your Web Project to the next level
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Want to change your brand? Need a better website? Looking for more clients? At The Web Empire we’re doing just that. When you join us, you’re part of a results driven team that shifts the internet conversation every single day.

Multi Award Winners

Braging is not necessary but when it comes 6 years in a row we deserve to share our success!

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NYC's Top Website Design Experts

Hundreds of satisfied customers with affordable solutions.

10 Most Important Steps For A Website To Succeed


In my last blog article I described and analyzed the 5 most important factors that someone should consider if he/she wants to have a successfull website. These rules are personal opinions through my 20+ years experience in this industry and few of them are changing year by year. It's important to understand that these are generic rules for a multi purpose website and that they don't always fit all types of websites or businesses.

Let's take a look now at the other 5 factors >>

Complex Code Web Projects - Easy Custom Solutions


Many of the projects we are involved in are considered challenging and expensive by most web design companies. We are definitely not talking about average business websites, but projects that contain additional software embedded in the main code, offer great user experience, flexibility, strong SEO engines, multiple 3rd party software and social media abilities.

Learn more about Complex Web Designs >>

Website Design And Development For Start-ups


I have been involved with the development and consulting of several startups over the last 15 years. Some of them failed, others managed to stay afloat over time. At one point I even had under my command the biggest Portal in Greece, and few of the most traffic generating websites in the gaming industry worldwide.While that’s not totally relevant I just wanted to back up my claims with some real achievements and experience.

Read more about the Keys & Steps >>

Case Studies

To provide insight into how we identify the challenges we face with each project, how we address those challenges and turn them into great deliverable results, we offer you few of our case studies from our design and development clients.

Infographic & Results examples

 Watch our Case Studies


Results Driven

When we create your web-strategy, design your website or support your I.T. infrastructure, we are interested in generating a high Return on your Investment. To accomplish this we provide you with 100% personalized services, listen to your demands and objectives, and do our absolute best to succeed.

When working with us, you will be working with a team of experts and specialists who always deliver results.