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Welcome to the new era of Cyber Security

With more than 2 decades in the industry, our team is used to facing all types of cyber-threats in various environments. From large corporation networks up to the most sophisticated cloud servers. Cyber-attacks are the #1 third party risk for any industry. If you are one of the lucky ones that despite not taking any measures so far you remained unharmed, don't count on this lasting forever. It's proven that at some point every single website - even the smallest ones - regardless the industry or the localization, becomes a victim of a cyber-attack. It isn’t possible to provide a 100% guarantee that it won’t happen, but it is possible to strengthen your security, your software and your accessing systems so as to protect yourself as much as possible and have the least amount of downtime.

Why someone would target you

Believe it or not, most cyber-attacks are random. Hackers want to gain access to a website just for the fame or some extra money. They change the home page of the website or they add malicious code in order to spread a virus or a tracker to your visitors, and in a worst case scenario they try to infect your devices and ask for ransom (ransomware). Hackers are - most of the time - outside the US and there are scenarios that a competitor may hire one for a very small amount of money and create trouble for your business. There are smaller cases in the past that hackers were attacking specific websites in order to gain access to user-data, personal information, emails, addresses, even SSN's. Such cases have mostly to do with very large companies or government facilities. In case you do have a large website with such sensitive data then you definitely already know about the risks and security measures you should have.

The 2 most common reasons a website is hacked are:

A. The website's hack was due to an outdated component. A software part inside your CMS was exploited from hackers and they gained access to the whole website. In these cases, even if you restore your website, the problem will come back again and again. If your developer isn't following up on the security alerts of each component it will be very hard to find and eliminate the issue. Without the appropriate support from an experienced team you'll end up rebuilding - and paying - for a whole new website.

B. Attackers found one or more weak passwords. Password attacks are very common and they even happen on a mass scale directly to your hosting company. The last two years we’ve had millions of instances where one single website was hacked and multiple servers were simultaneously hacked as well. Usually these type of incidents are announced long after the providers become aware of the issue and are able to resolve it permanently, during which time your website and your client’s data has been exposed without you even noticing. A 100% managed hosting solution without any external access will completely eliminate these types of threats.

How Cybire Platform Works

Cybire is a combination of technologies that we used with complete success in order to eliminate hack attacks or to restore a website. In the real world, what cybire does is to prevent any user without a specific permission to access either the database or the files of the website. 

how cybire works

Cyber Security for Joomla

It is well known that we are considered the "specialists" for any Joomla related issue, including - but not limited - security threats. Joomla is the 2nd most installed CMS in the world with more than 15% of the market share and has the least amount of security issues compared to other packages. That doesn't mean that there aren’t any software or server security holes where your website is hosted. Through our experience we’ve managed to solve with 100% success any type of client cyber-attacks, including targeted attacks, DDoS attacks, hacking attacks, injections and database attacks. Our custom Joomla security packages includes complete solutions that will cover your website and you'll be able to focus on your real business:

  • Complete Managed Server
  • Back-ups of your website and your database
  • Quick restore proccess
  • 4 levels of firewalls including Symantec Protection
  • Block IP's for specific countries
  • Block VPN's
  • Threat elimination
  • PHP code protection
  • SQL protection
  • Spam protection
  • Monitoring
  • SSL certificates from

We are able to provide you with our #1 rated service at the most affordable pricing. We offer 24/7 support with our US based team. Contact us today and be sure that we can help you.

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Cyber Security for WordPress

WordPress as of Dec 2018 is the most installed open CMS in the world with more than 30% of the world's websites based on it. Due to this fact WordPress is also considered the most vulnerable CMS simply because everyone is targeting these installations.

Our team have managed to resolve and restore thousands of installations. We offer complete custom packages and solutions for any WordPress based website:

Complete Managed Server
Back-ups of your website and your database
Quick restore proccess
3 levels of firewalls including Symantec Protection
Block IP's for specific countries
Threat elimination
SQL protection
Spam protection
SSL certificates from

Feel free to contact us and request a quote for your website security. We offer 24/7 support with our US based team. 

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