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Full Stack Development & Design

Robust security, functionality and easy administration with support and scalability that works!
Full Stack Website & App Development

We can develop any web design project no matter how complex

TheWebEmpire can provide your business affordable web design services with accurate results and a successful final product.

Many of the projects we are involved with are considered challenging and expensive by most web design companies. We are definitely not talking about average business websites, but projects that contain additional software embedded in the main code, offer great user experience, flexibility, strong SEO engines, multiple 3rd party software and social media abilities.

These types of projects can be anything from a news magazine or a web based news portal, up to communities with hundreds of thousands of users or paid systems for business listings. Even internal secure databases for corporate use or medical and law practices. Actually, with our knowledge and experience, there is no limit to the type of project we can develop.

Full Stack Development & Design
web development with UX

Combining web development with UX

If we are talking about a mass traffic website, the correct design framework-layout is the most important factor for visitor flow. Simplicity and a deep logical diagram are the two strategies that bring success closer to any vision. One of the 'older-dogs' in our industry, John Varsamis (yes, we know we have a few of them...) says:

"First take a pencil, a piece of paper and a cup of your favorite coffee. Then start listening to the type of music you love - vinyl records preferred - and start drawing. Imagine yourself on a path, where you have to run and grab all the important views in a hurry. There are always 2 exits. Where you came from - failure. Where you want to end up - success. Draw, edit, create. Follow the logic. Make things happen."

We follow this action plan with innovation and reliability to deliver quality complex projects on time.

Administration by you or your team

A very important issue with all “big” projects is the cost of maintenance and support after the launch.

When we develop a project, we always keep in mind that the website owner must be able to manage it at 100%, without the need of experts or paid professionals. We train our clients to utilize the capabilities of the software we've used. We always make sure that before the final project is launched, the owner understands 100% what's going on and is able to support it themselves.

This cost-cutting strategy has already helped our clients succeed in today's competitive market, and allows them to invest their money in other areas e.g., marketing and sales, instead of high-maintenance contracts.

Administration by you
Complex Website Design & Development New York

Engines & Systems we use

Every single day more than 10,000 new software solutions become available to the market worldwide. Most of them are going to be a failure in nearly a year. The same failure rate applies to websites that will embed this technology.

Our company uses top of the line commercial software and customizes it to your needs:

  • Large combined databases, with multi-search criteria, paid abilities & Google maps rentering
    Used for business listing portals like Yelp or Citysearch and large databases for medical or law purposes

  • S.E.O. & SEF embedded mechanisms
    Used to auto create the best search results for Google, Bing & Yahoo engines. Increases indexing results and organic traffic without the need of paid ads

  • Social Media auto-post & auto-register applications
    Used to post your new articles automatically to social media and allows new users to register with their social media accounts

  • Newsletter engines & user multi-subscription systems
    Used to 'keep in touch' with your clients or potential customers while following all the required federal laws and eliminates the need to pay for this service on 3rd party companies e.g., mailchimp

  • Forms - Wizard systems for data filling or online payment - Reservations & Booking
    Customers can contact you by submitting specific information that will be saved in your database - data will be kept inside your system, not some 3rd party company e.g., Opentable, avoiding extra costs

  • Event management systems
    Used for events & ticketing, with suppor for all major direct payment systems, without paying commission to 3rd party companies, and your customers' data stays on your system

  • Professional Ad system for paid banners & advertisers management
    Monetize the traffic from your website without the need of google or other 'middle-man'. Provides complete payment & banner management solutions, with many advantages for the advertiser like stats, geo-targeting, keyword targeting, unlimited zones, unlimited campaigns & mobile targeting

All of the above technologies (and many more) can be combined to work together to create your custom-made complex website project.