PyroCMS Website Design

PyroCMS is an open source CMS that uses the Laravel PHP framework. It boasts of a simple, clean, and consistent control panel. PyroCMS also comes with many modules to make building websites and applications a breeze.

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 Website Design and Support for Pyro

In order to better understand PyroCMS, let us take a look at some information provided by its own developers.


PyroCMS's architeture can be summarized as: PyroCMS = Laravel + Stream Platform + Addons.

What is the Streams Platform?

The Streams Platform is a Composer package that serves as the foundation for PyroCMS.

Nearly every functionality in every addon for PyroCMS relies on the Streams Platform to do it's work. The Streams Platform is responsible for everything from Table Builders to Image and Asset pipelines to providing the actual addon layer itself.

Control Panel

The Control Panel for PyroCMS is a web GUI (graphical user interface) that provides a convenient way to manage your application. The PyroCMS control panel is consistent, easy to use and not overwhelming. Power users will love the subtle workflow shortcuts and new users will appreciate the inherent simplicity and organization.


Addons are the fundamental building blocks of PyroCMS. They also allow you to extend PyroCMS to add powerful features. Addons are essentially organized as standalone bundles of code very similar to packages. In fact, PyroCMS delivers it's addons as packages.