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How exactly we are

Pricing a Project

We have found many ways to be transparent ensuring our clients benefit from genuinely competitive pricing.

Pricing a Project

How to be competitive and save money

We bring results and we do it fast and efficiently. Best of all? Everyone can afford our services.
To determine the price of your Project, we need to determine your needs and goals, the general aspects of the project, and of course what your vision for your website is. We combine that with our website planning process and discuss various options and plans to get the best-fit-to-budget-rate that you will be charged for a project. Web presence can be a significantly more important location than a business's physical address, and should be seen as such if you want to be successful.

At The Web Empire, we analyze the demands of a project on a step by step basis:

  • market analysis
  • competition analysis
  • business objective
  • internet market penetration
  • social market penetration
  • search engine needs
  • marketing material and information
  • digital material that may need to be produced
  • e-mail & direct marketing you may need
  • possible future expenses
  • hosting analysis and demands
  • time and effort you are going to spend
  • the role you are going to have after the launch
  • the role we are going to have after the launch
Pricing a Project
top pricing

Flexibility & Options

These actions are carried out through a comprehensive website evaluation or as part of a new startup plan. Following this, we schedule a Zoom or in-person meeting to collaboratively explore options that align with both your needs and budget.

Our goal is to present a solution that not only delivers quick returns but also maximizes your potential for success. The choice of the right solution ultimately rests in your hands. Our pricing policy provides two distinct options for you to consider:

  • You own the website.
    You make an initial one-time payment covering development, custom design, software, and labor—tailored to your budget and our agreed-upon terms.

    Subsequently, an optional and modest annual support and maintenance fee is all that's required. This fee safeguards the majority of your assets, ensuring they stay up-to-date with upgrades and security patches.

  • Site As a Service. (SAaS)
    You gain full access to the site by consistently covering your monthly fees. For a minimal upfront investment starting at just $200, along with an affordable monthly fee, you unlock a fully operational dynamic platform.

    This comprehensive package includes web marketing, branding, SEO, social connections, and everything you've envisioned for your website but thought might be out of reach at the moment.

Let's emphasize a crucial point in both scenarios: all the content, images, domain name(s), graphics, logos, and any other original creations from you or your team remain exclusively yours. There's no transfer of rights, and you retain full authority over the use, distribution, or any actions related to your proprietary work.

Cost Example:

Let's say your business is a restaurant that does deliveries. What you are going to need for your website is:
  • A CMS based WEB 2.1 (2024) design 

  • Catalog with attractive and vivid pictures of your foods and wines searchable by the search engines
  • Restaurant presentation and history with impressive graphics and storyboard
  • Employees presentation (chef and maybe others, owners)
  • A small 1 minute video for driving traffic from youtube and other engines

  • Eye-catching graphics theme for the website

  • Clear and nice professional images of your food and place

  • Few custom graphic designs for special offers

  • The ability for someone to make a reservation
  • Social marketing for twitter and facebook
  • The ability, after training the owner or an employee, to change the catalog, prices, events etc.
  • Instructions on how a potential customer will reach the location and google maps directions
  • Multilingual enviroment for auto translation in up to 100 languages (don't forget we are in NYC)

Based on our evaluation what fits you best is the simple business plan solution with ecommerce software. With this package you can easily build your own product catalog and update it anytime. You can also print it, mail it, or even use it for clients that want to pre-order and pre-pay before they come to the restaurant (nice idea?). You can also add new content any time, images and generally anything you like.

Let's say now that your content isn't very good - marketing wise- and you need an editor with copywriting services to fix it. In this case we will use an editor to fix your content for 3 hours. Price is 3X$120= $360. You'll receive a discount of course, so let's say $300, and lets add $200 more for few professional images we'll buy for you from stock image sites.

What about the custom graphics? Do you think you'll need i.e. two banners one for sweets and one for wines? It's no problem and the price is really low only +$100 for small banners.

You'll also need an appication for booking? Excellent choice! Directly connected with your paypal or bank account it's convenient for you and your clients to have it - for only $100 it's installed.

You also need from us to setup your facebook page and twitter. No worries it's free.

Video and photoshooting is included in the price. So, until now we have: $2,500 for the plan + $300 for the content editor + $200 for the photos + $100 for banners + $100 for booking system. Total: $3,200. On to this amount you should also add - optional  - a yearly fee for maintenance and support around $250 - $300 so your website will always be updated and with no security risks for your clients.

Pricing a Project
Pricing a Project

What if you want to pay for your website as a service? (SAaS): On the above example the monthly cost could be as low as $220. With an upfront fee starting from $300, and nothing else. Monthly payments include the yearly maintenance of the site and most of the times the managed hosting, back-up and security services.

The site is licenced to you, meaning you own all the data (clients data, names, emails, your products, your content etc), but if you stop paying this fee the website will stop to exist. It's simple. It's a monthly service like your phone bill, or your power supply company. It's affordable for everyone, easy to use, and with no risks. You don't have the results you want? You just stop it.

Our company can offer you two different ways of having your own custom made website, and the ability to utilize the internet for your business's benefit. It's up to you to choose which option is better for your brand and your financials. One thing is for sure - no matter what you'll choose you are going to have results. This is our target and what we always succeed in.

The above examples don't include domain name registration, hosting and email services. Minimum Period for any SaAS agreement is 6 months. Few projects are not eligible.