Social Media Management

Why social media management?

Do you know that more than 98% of consumers in the US believe that you should be on one or more social media sites? At The Web Empire, a Social Media Management Company based in New York, USA we help you get social! We offer complete, custom-made solutions that allow small-medium businesses to increase your fans, followers, and customers through their social media presence. Engage with your audience better than ever, create a local ad, boost your deals, increase your followers or just expand your local brand awareness. We are committed to crafting visual identity and experiences for your business ideas.


We believe that it is better to give than to receive and thus engage customers with social sweepstakes and giveaways. Sweepstakes are able to create brand new audiences for your business. Audiences that can be transformed - with the correct strategy - to clients. Every single sweepstake campaign comes with a complete report and metrics in order for you to be able to track the results.

Targeted Ads

We don’t shoot arrows in dark but instead always hit our targets with highly targeted campaigns. Social Media targeted ads are way more efficient and affordable than any other media today. The trick is to create the correct targeted audience, analyze the results and use those to improve our campaigns. Our team has enormous experience on how to do that with success, from creating the perfect set of graphics and videos tailored to your audience, providing the maximum performance for the least possible amount of investment.

Creative Content

Our rich and engaging content ensures that your audience sticks to the brand the same way bees stick to honey. When most people think that any post will create an audience, we know that only the right post will do the job. That's why we use only professional writers and content publishers from different industries in order to bring real results to your social media. Creative content writing is not an easy job and requires perfect knowledge of the specific industry you’re in, the local audience you’re targeting, and of course the right execution strategy.

Real-time alerts

We keep an eye on the activities happening on all your social platforms and report to give you an insight of the impact of your campaigns/ads/activities. Ratings on social media are an increasing trend, and you should always be aware of what your clients are thinking of your business and able to react to any negative comments or reviews.