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Social Media Customer Service

Effective services that provide your customers continuous satisfaction.

Driving customer loyalty with Social Media Customer Service

Empower your customer service expertise by utilizing the power of social media. Customer expectations are very high nowadays and if you are truly aware about that then you’ll know that they expect service via social media. With the endless possibilities of creating engagement between brands and customers, there is no reason that social media and customer service should not meet.

social media customer service
Social Customer Service

All Customers, Any Time, Every Channel-Deliver Delight of Social Customer Service

When handled properly, it could deliver stunning results in terms of brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and lead generation. Being an innovative Social Media Agency in New York, we help you create a better customer service experience at surprisingly affordable rates. Generate new leads and relationships with customers across their most relevant digital touchpoints.

Social Media Customer Service can help you with the following:

  • Create a live chat to your website through your Facebook Page
  • Create a live chat to your website through your Instagram's page
  • Create a live chat from almost any social media network directly to your business customer service department
  • Follow, analyze and boost your client's communication
  • Dramatically increase the results for hot offers and deals
  • 24/7 reply to your clients with advanced A.I. systems
  • Utilize the power of A.I. robot systems to drive new traffic to your app or website
  • Compare traditional methods of sales with the social media results
  • Decrease - dramatically - your Real Cost per Customer

Why Social Media Customer Service:

Get rid of bad customer experiences that act as a deterrent when it comes to brand loyalty, customer retention and satisfaction. Social Media Customer Service has evolved as an imperative choice for brands who wish to satisfy their customers and provides lower operational costs when compared to other conventional customer service procedures. Easily you can provide proactive customer service, catch a wind of any potential problems even before complaints start or a bad review appears and at the end of the day you will be able to provide the best customer service experience.

With the correct SMCS you will have better brand loyalty, customer retention and satisfaction guarantee.

Rebrand your customer service experience with the power of social media and social media community. Your customers want easy to find their answers online, whether it’s through search or social media. With our social customer service package, you can reduce costs by creating a better customer service experience and dramatically increase your customer satisfaction.

Social Media Customer Service