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We started this blog to give the opportunity to small business owners to learn how to have a successful web-presence. Month by month our team will publish new subjects, with simple words and phrases to make you familiar with our work, and our vision.
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Should a website look like 1999 design?

Many "designers" are still making money out of nothing. Day by day i found new launched websites, that looks like 10+ years old. Only when i check for the domain name or the copyright info i find that "Hell, this is a new website omg!".
Why is this happening? Are people and specific business owners have no idea how a website should look like? Never heard of user experience? And if the answer is yes why they proceed with something they don't know or get it?
The truth is a combination of reasons:
supportimageFirst reason is the price. Yes, these little green papers that everyone needs them and noone wants to get out of their pockets. But - seriously - how someone would expect profits or results if he doesn't support or invest for this purpose? To have a website that only keeps the domain name active is not anymore a solution. If you expect to earn something out of that, then probably get ready to lose clients and customers and get your brand name seriously injured. Webdesign costs few box. Ideas the same. At The Web Empire LLC we manage to have many different affordable solutions for our clients, without the need to spend a fortune. We can compete with our work and results every single company in web design worldwide. But it's not only the competition. Results matters. ROI matters. Support matters. TWE can offer you all these - among many others - in a small amount of time and it's proven.
Second reason is the "friends". It's sad talking with people that spend a fortune to a friend suggestion. Web design is a fast moving industry. By its nature needs a lot of knowledge, updated minds and ideas, and most of all needs higher education. Web design is not Graphic design. These are two absolutely different fields. A Graphic designer knows how to make a great printing material. Or how to make a logo or a graphic design, but for static purposes. Web Design is a complete new science that day by day expands. Combines maths, programming, global rules and many other preferences that a Graphic Designer can't - and shouldn't - know. By suggesting a friend to a Graphic Designer unfortunately you do harm to him. There are many examples i could give about the differences, but just think how much you could learn by yourself if you just speak to a real Web Designer and to a Graphic Designer. It's so simple...
Untitled-21Third reason is the absence of knowledge. Yes, this is truth. Still in 2011 there are people - no matter their age - that have no idea how web can help their business grow, and expand. Still there are local companies that doesn't have a single-cheap webpage. Still there are many out there, that doesn't know what google exactly does to their profits and how to earn advantage of this. Do they really believe that if their business is going well today will still doing the same the upcoming years? The basic reason for having a great website today, is not only to earn money. The basic reason is for your company and business to exists at the next five years.
A website is for humans
Better Website is Better Business for you

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