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Maria Gavriel: Inspiring Women through Next Gen Blog

Supporting and promoting women around the world, Maria Gavriel's website is an essential tool to help this well-known Ted talker engage with her audience. Maria Gavriel has been our client for more than a decade, literally starting from zero traffic, and getting what she deserves through the years. Her brand new website was completely re-designed in order to provide a deep look at Maria's courses and further lead generation. 

The Challenge

Upgrading an already successful website is always a challenge. With an existent base of thousands of visitors, we knew that it was time to move on to a 2022 design, more modern and trendy, with an even more mobile focus. Enhancing the user experience while boosting the owner's reach was the first of our challenges. Serving as the main resource for lead generation with the correct and easy navigation and site structure, was the second. 

The Approach

After extensive audience research, deep data and metrics analysis, and many meetings with Maria, our team created a digital strategy that would leverage the website to enrich the member experience, streamline the sign-up process, and make it easier for members and non-members to find and access the content.

To simplify the lead generation and boost sign-up opportunities, multiple landing pages were created showcasing the benefits of becoming a member while providing quick and easy access to all the resources, support, and educational opportunities provided by Maria. Additionally, a new site architecture helped guide an extensive content reorganization, providing new pathways for members and non-members to discover relevant content and find ways to collaborate with Maria at the local and global levels. Moreover, this effort involved bringing content aimed at women and students into the main navigation, bringing forward information about Maria's awards and recognitions.


Maria Gavriel
Maria Gavriel
Maria Gavriel


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  • Clients Testimonials

The Results

After few months up and running, the new website is already showing some positive signs of serious growth. The average Pages Per Session, increase from 1.22 to 3.44, while the bounce rate decreased by 19%. At the same time, the lead generation almost doubled (89% up). 


  • Lead Generation
  • Simplicity


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Maria Gavriel