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IK Gourmet: A data-driven makeover for a major appliances retailer

Italkraft Gourmet is a Hi-end Appliances store, based in FL, Miami and in NYC. Their website is not a direct e-commerce solution, but more like a catalog, that provides in-depth information for all the products and brands that they represent. 

ITALKRAFT is dedicated to earning the trust of each client through the most attentive, dependable service in the industry. Private consumers, design professionals, and property developers with projects of any magnitude can all look forward to hands-on service and total transparency throughout the life of every ITALKRAFT project. From conception through installation, to total satisfaction.

The Challenge

When an eCommerce or catalog site categorizes products, displays a related product, or delivers a search result, the quality of the experience is determined by the relevance of the product the consumer sees. Relevance isn’t easy to achieve, however. Human judgment isn’t scalable. Yet without accurate training data, AI can’t understand that tables and chairs go together, that a honey strainer isn’t beekeeping equipment, or that this cushion looks atrocious with that couch. So how do you bridge the gap between automation and human intuition?

The Approach

To escape this dilemma, our e-commerce specialist used highly qualified resources to label data correctly and create a quality foundation for AI implementation. With access to the internal systems of all the major providers that IKStudio represents, we combined and synced data across multiple platforms.

The resources rigorously checked and labeled the data, carefully reviewing over 400 products and sharpening the quality and accuracy of search results, sample matching, parent-child categories, complementary product suggestions, and more.

IK Gourmet
IK Gourmet
IK Gourmet


  • Custom Forms
  • Lead Generation
  • Product Presentation
  • RS Firewall - Security
  • Click to Call Buttons
  • Performance Optimizer

Italkraft group has been our client for more than a decade. Through these years, we managed the correct digital marketing and exposure, with legendary SEO and with performance optimizations to bring the brand in front of millions of consumers' and developers' eyes in the US and across the Globe. 

The Results 

The client emerged from the engagement with a vastly improved dataset and the foundation on which to train AI to suggest more rigorous, relevant product selections in the future. The Search Engine Optimization in a local level, provide higher results and traffic. 


  • Easy to use online catalog
  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO


Website Design
Metrics & Analytics
Cyber Security
IK Gourmet