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Bright USA: A Digital Solution for North America's Lighting Experts

With a legacy in the lighting industry that traces back more than 4 decades, Bright In has played an essential role in building and maintaining lighting technology and products. Officially established in 1989 as Bright Special Lighting SA in Greece, Europe, Bright In USA provides a complete range of solutions, quality, and innovation and enjoys a reputation for excellence in the space.

Bright In was ready to step up its digital game and engaged TWE to create an online destination that reflected its leading role in the industry. Our team revamped the organization's online e-commerce, launching a brand-new website and implementing a custom portfolio with advanced search techniques to ensure long-term success.

The Challenge

The new website would need to act as the hub for all products and series, bringing this cast of sub-brands together and unifying, for the very first time, a vast portfolio of completed and ongoing work. All of this would be bound together with engaging content tailored for business online.

 The Approach

To begin our engagement with Bright In USA, our team developed an extensive website strategy that served as the foundation for all of our efforts. A collaborative and cross-disciplinary effort, this process allowed us to scope out key strengths, targets, product categories, search requirements, positioning, and user experience for the new website. In addition, due to the nature of the business, a large amount of instructional information (PDFs) needs to be present on each product page.

Bright USA
Bright USA
Bright USA


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To drive business, Bright In USA would have to show potential clients visiting the website exactly what they could bring to the table. Our content team developed dedicated pages for all their product offerings and industry specializations. Bright In USA could walk the walk, so we put its differentiators front-and-center and let a large portfolio of work speak for itself. Product search is easy with many filters, and last but not least, each product page represents a complete technical and interactive guide for everyone.


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