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Olympus Marine Group: A complete digital transformation for an industry leader

Olympus Marine Group is one of the world's top leaders in shipping technology and services. They are fast gaining an enviable reputation with clients for quality service and the ability to provide fast track and conventional projects with a first-class quality service on time, every time. Quality, reliability, and integrity are the pillars of their business. The new website, Olympus Marine Group, provides first-time visitors with all the critical information about their services, in a clean and straightforward environment.

The Challenge

The shipping industry itself is a very complicated market, that includes a global audience, scientific and technological knowledge, and potential clients from all over the world. Olympus Marine Group's old website was not meeting the high standards of such an audience, especially the very large clients that were familiar with premium service experiences from their competitors. To exceed the expectations and attract new clientele, we had to deliver an optimized experience that united all parts of the services while still offering premium looks and effortless usability. 

The Approach

Different sections of the website are dedicated to the specifics of their services and technologies. Stream videos are adding more in-depth explanations, while the diagrams are focusing on the technical part. Their groundbreaking technology and innovations with the Data Acquisition Unit, the EconoMaster System, and the Ground Fault Monitoring System are explained and analyzed with the correct valuable and actionable information.

Olympus Marine Group
Olympus Marine Group
Olympus Marine Group


  • Custom Forms
  • Lead Generation
  • Product Presentation
  • Google Structured Data
  • RS Firewall - Security
  • Click to Call Buttons
  • Performance Optimizer
  • Video Streaming

With clients like Carnival cruises and others, Olympus Marine required a lot of attention to detail and synchronization between multiple teams, including marketing and developers in order to create their website. The final result is a light and modern business presentation that follows the visual restrictions of the shipping industry and the global standards that they had to obey.


  • Increase website exposure through native SEO
  • Provide a simple and clean navigation for their audience
  • Generate leads


Website Design
Web Development
Lead Generation
Metrics & Analytics
Cyber Security
Olympus Marine Group