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  • Cafe Turkiye Cafe Turkiye
  • Cafe Turkiye Cafe Turkiye
  • Cafe Turkiye Cafe Turkiye
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Cafe Turkiye: A Queens Restaurant with a real Impact

Cafe Turkiye gives Astorians and the rest of the local community the chance to taste authentic Turkish cuisine, mixed with Greek and other Mediterranean flavors. As a new business they had to promote their wide range of dishes and services while at the same time they needed to rank high on search results.

The Challenge

The restaurant industry is multi-faceted and complex. The competition in Astoria is probably higher than in Manhattan, and the CT had a  need to show expertise in creating those traditional dishes and providing a series of services, particularly catering and private events. Having in mind the many NYC's audiences and the fact that most of them are browsing through cell phones, the website needed to be visually perfect with smart elements and easy navigation for everybody.

The Approach

We applied our human-centric philosophy to CT's new website, creating user pathways for different audience groups while ensuring our design put the emotional impact of their dishes at the front and center of each page. Our professional photographer ensured that each picture will demonstrate as close as possible the real dish, while the design colors, the messaging strategy, the homepage, and any action-oriented page were custom-made according to CT's preferences.

Cafe Turkiye
Cafe Turkiye
Cafe Turkiye


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Cafe Turkiye in just a few months is another success story for our company. They come at the first page of Google, Alexa, and Siri for more than 30 major keywords, and they are already getting more than 1,000 visitors per month in just 3 months (as of July 2022). The navigation, experience and user reaction on anything related to the website, based on metrics are way higher than average, and the business is facing a bright future and growth!


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Maps Results
  • Easy Navigation & Ordering
  • Nice Images


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Cafe Turkiye