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  • Aura Laser & Skincare Aura Laser & Skincare
  • Aura Laser & Skincare Aura Laser & Skincare
  • Aura Laser & Skincare Aura Laser & Skincare

Aura Laser & Skincare: A digital upgrade for Nassau's County Top Salon

Aura Laser and Skincare prides itself on being an inner sanctum for those looking to wash away stress and the unfortunate visible signs of aging. Established more than a decade, they offer a luxury environment for their clients, while their expertly trained staff provides services in cutting-edge cosmetic laser technology and skincare. 

Needing to bring in more leads through digital, ALS engaged The Web Empire to revamp its online image. Our team built a brand-new website that showcased ALS as the top leader in the Long Island market and a trusted source for premium services.

The Challenge

Beauty services is a busy and competitive industry, and ALS wanted and deserved to stand out among the rest. To do so, we had to come up with a unique exclusive design, with a high-quality layout as well as simple navigation and a deep explanation of their services. SEO of course was #1 priority, and google rules had to be followed precisely. 

The Approach

To begin our engagement with ALS, our team built a multi-layered strategy that created clear and concise guidelines for the direction of the new website. With all of the assessments done during this phase, the new strategy would ultimately lay the groundwork moving forward for the new Aura Laser & Skincare website. A customized CMS helped to keep the budget low, providing flexibility for the back and front end for our developers. All the specific needs of the business were covered through multiple marketing channels and components that were used during the development phase. Mobile device layouts, performance on slow networks, and user-driven design enriched the experience further, providing a complete sale tool for our client.

Aura Laser & Skincare
Aura Laser & Skincare
Aura Laser & Skincare


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Aura Laser and Skincare have earned its leading status through more than 10 years of hard work. With a new foothold in digital, this local beauty business has an online presence to chart out the next decade of success - and a powerful new tool for inviting new customers. Generated traffic from the new website doubled in 3 months and the conversion rate is higher than ever. 


  • Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Easy Navigation


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Aura Laser & Skincare