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Speed Art Motorsports: Fast wheels and Luxury selections

Few companies shape how Americans experience the ownership of a supercar or hypercar, the way that Speed Art Motorsports defines. The owner, an internationally recognized authority in vintage and modern sports cars as well as racing motorcycles, hired us, to scale up his existing website, fix technical and visual issues, and expand the functionalities and performance.

The Challenge

Speed Art Motorsports, needed a web presence that showed the range of incredible vehicles, in ultra-high resolution images without performance issues. At the same time, we had to preserve the strict requirements for the search engines, the server-side restrictions, and of course the user experience from a mobile device/slow connection. 

Once those challenges were overcome, we needed to make sure that we continued to optimize the website for search results, using efficient and effective technologies that we're utilizing our data-center servers on-the-fly. 

The Approach

The first step in our engagement with Speed Art Motorsports was the development of an in-depth analysis that would help all parties understand the problems of the existing website, the engines, and misconfiguration that were initially done, and the opportunities from utilizing different technologies without any shortcuts to the quality of the images or performance.  During the process, we identified major things that the updated website would have to do: Increase traffic, provide strong compliance with the search engines' requirements and increase the loading speeds of the super heavy pages. 

Optimizing Site Features

To solidify the website's role as a global source for high-end motor lovers, we had to deal with the performance and bandwidth limitations that any hosting company comes with. In order to avoid large-scale expenses for the business, we stepped up and create an exclusive setup and environment for the specific website on our servers. The first step was done, and now we had an unlimited amount of data that we can output. The next step was to optimize the images by using the most advanced server-side techniques. Adaptive AI-based programming was used at this phase, in order to provide almost custom results for each device and location. The result was a speed increase of 98% per page, with loading times going down from 60 sec to 4,5 (!!!)

Speed Art Motorsports
Speed Art Motorsports
Speed Art Motorsports


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The website now loads faster than ever. There is more room for improvement of course, and this will be done pretty soon. The ranking of the website on the search engines keeps improving, having already a serious amount of keywords at the first page of Google in global searches. Most notable of all is the fact that the owners of the business know that there are no more limits to where the business can go. With tripled audience traffic, the actual increase in overseas sales, and updated website architecture, the sky is the limit. 


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Speed Art Motorsports