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  • Kids Fun House Kids Fun House
  • Kids Fun House Kids Fun House
  • Kids Fun House Kids Fun House
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Kids Fun House: Better results through digital transformation

Kids Fun House opened in Queens 15 years ago, as a family-owned and operated business, to serve the area's growing family and kids-friendly community. Always offering a trusted and family-friendly environment, KFH helps everyday people and their kids through high-quality entertainment, social events, and a stress-free place that anyone can enjoy. All of these - and more - in one of the most extensive facilities of 6,000 sq. f in the area.

The Challenge

Their old website wasn't representative of their brand or values and most of all didn't drive traffic or generate leads. While KFH is a tremendous in-person experience, the website visitor didn't get that through their images or the website design. KFH needed a modern, digital-focused website, with a strong marketing approach, interactivity, and usability that will convince the first-time visitor of the place and the safety of their kids. In addition to the fair and competitive rates for any event, the open play, and the birthday packages they also had to utilize an easy for them and their client's system, for booking and payments.

The Approach

 The first step in our engagement with Kids Fun House was developing an in-depth website strategy that would help all parties understand the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for the business. Competitor analysis and an evaluation of the whole local industry pointed very fast to our suggestions and our solutions to the challenge. Our team identified three key things the new website would have to do: Increase traffic, simplify booking, and demonstrate happiness and values. 

The booking software along with the calendar of events was based on a professional solution that was covering everything that was requested, including coupons, limitations, different sections of the play area, discounts, and an easy back-end dashboard. The last thing we had to assure, was a high ranking in search results, based on the many different keywords that were provided, focusing on the volume of visitors and the local competition. 

Kids Fun House
Kids Fun House
Kids Fun House


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 In the increasingly digital world of kids' entertainment, Kids Fun House now has a website that can stand among the rest. Meanwhile, its customers are enjoying booking that is faster and more intuitive than ever. The business SEO results are amazing, providing more than 2,000 organic visitors per month. With this new digital foundation laid, the sky is the limit when it comes to future expansion - setting the stage for a new, exciting chapter in the KFH story.


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